Welcome to the Future!

ForisHub is an intuitive and modern website created with the purpose of helping students find the perfect school & place to stay for their studying abroad experience.

Who are we?

ForisHub Founders About uSWe are your typical guys who enjoy food, sports, traveling, meeting new people, studying and an ice-cold beer. We are professionals, and we are entrepreneurs. But before all this we were students… more specifically we were international students. We know what it means to travel to a foreign country, to attend classes, and to master the language. We know what it means to meet new people and make international friendships that will last a lifetime. Most importantly we know what it means to have this amazing life changing experience that you will forever cherish in your heart. We also know all the difficulties that a student will face while planning this experience like looking for a place to stay, a school, a program to attend, or even a place to hang out.

That is why we created ForisHub – a website made by international students for international students to help them chase their dreams of seeing the world while pursuing an education.